Safes have become extremely popular in the last couple of years. Homeowners and major corporations alike are giving their security an added boost by investing in safes.

At SKD, we offer a wide selection of the latest safes from the best brands. Our fully qualified and experienced technicians can design, install and repair safes for residential and commercial applications. We also offer customised safes if you’re looking for something special. Most safes have two main types of locking mechanisms – combination lock safes or digital lock safes.

Depository safes are ideal for cash management/money transactions. These safes also provide a front/top slot to allow for depositing of cash/valuables without having to open the safe.

Gun safes are ideal for gun collectors and enthusiasts. They are designed to hold multiple firearms safely.

Wall safes, as the name suggests, are installed within the walls. These are the most discreet type of safes available.

Burglary safes are designed to protect against forced entry through power tools, cutting torches and even chemicals and explosives.

Floor safes are also known as a floor vaults. This type of safe is discreetly installed in the floor. It’s great for concealing your valuables and provides protection from fires.

Fireproof safes are ideal for protection from extreme heat and fire as they can handle high levels of heat exposure.

Hotel safes are ideal for hotel guests to store their valuables like passports, cameras, and cash.

Just like any other security device, safes also present the same risk of getting locked out. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for these situations too. If you forget your passcode or your safe breaks, we’re here to assist you. We take utmost care to ensure that your valuables are not damaged while we fix your safe.


Here’s a list of services our expert technicians can provide:

–  Opening safes
–  Changing lock combinations
–  Upgrading combination and digital locks
–  Duplicating safe keys
–  Safe removals and relocation

Not sure what type of safe you need? Our expert staff can help you identify the perfect option for your security needs. Call us at 1300 245 625 or fill our form online.

Our commitment

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