Repairs & Maintenance

SKD, maintaining and repairing locks and other safety equipment since 1985.

Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for offering top-notch services to our residential, commercial and industrial customers. Our highly qualified locksmiths are fully licensed and insured to give you peace of mind along with great service. We only use top quality products to take care of all your safety needs. Apart from the design, supply, and installation of new security systems, we also specialise in maintenance and repairs.

Maintenance Services

What is the biggest vulnerability in your security system? Neglect! Don’t wait for your security systems to become outdated or worn out. At SKD, we can help you carry out regular maintenance of your security equipment to avoid untoward situations. All security systems must be inspected regularly to ensure reliability, longevity and security. Regular maintenance also helps maintain your insurance requirements.

A scheduled plan will ensure that the integrity of your security systems is intact. If we identify the need for any repairs, replacements or installations during this check, we’ll let you know. Our team comes equipped to undertake on the spot repairs and replacements.


While scheduled maintenance programs do a lot to keep your systems in order, breakdowns can’t be completely avoided. Any faults in your security systems can cause a lot of inconvenience and even make your home, business or factory an easy target. We understand the importance of getting to you quickly and repairing your systems efficiently. 

Whether it’s a broken lock, misplaced key or malfunctioning security camera, we can help repair it. Our trained locksmiths can carry out repairs in the most cost-effective manner by avoiding unnecessary replacements.

Emergency services

Emergencies don’t seek your permission, nor do they take place at the most convenient time. Which is why we are always available to offer trustworthy emergency services when you need them the most. Our professional technicians will get to you quickly and resolve your emergency security situation with utmost care. We are available at your service 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our Emergency Locksmith Services cover:

–  Home/Office Lockouts
–  Broken Locks
–  Key Replacement
–  Safe Opening
–  Jammed Key Removal
–  Burglary Repairs

Our commitment

Our commitment to long term partnerships with our clients, preserving a culture of continuous improvement in team members, products, service partnerships and delivery enables SKD to uphold its reputation for excellence with regard to technical expertise and high standards of service and installation.

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